Chemical aTraction

Chemical aTraction has been a long time coming.  It was over two years ago when I first began to write but it's all finished now and it covers the most talked about topic in karting today:  tire programs.  It seems that every day there is a new prep coming onto the scene that promises to be the one and only best thing since sliced bread.  There are hundreds of preps with many prep application methods, each of which will produce different result.  It has become impossible for anyone, even the very best in karting, to keep up with all these preps.  Unfortunately, many karters get too many preps, end up ruining their tires and running poorly, and ultimately end up frustrated and confused.  Given this complexity what is needed is a guide to help the karter develop simple programs which provide simple, but powerful prep programs that will deliver winning bite week after week.   Chemical aTractionThis is exactly what Chemical aTraction does.  Step by step we lay each successive layer required to develop a successful tire program; no topic is left out.  Then, at the end of the book there are several detailed prep scenarios to help the karter see what a well designed and race winning prep program looks like.  These prep scenarios not only reflect what I've seen, but prep guru's Matt Bryant of Palmetto Speed Shop and Eric Rendleman of Eric Rendleman Performance have lent their expertise through several of their own widely successful programs.


Take a look at the detailed table of contents to understand the topics covered.

If you feel that you're leaving speed on the table due to your tire program then Chemical aTraction will help you find it.

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