Reader Feedback
Over the months that I've been selling the book I've been collecting feedback from different readers.  I hope to display some of that feedback here so that it might help others see if the book can be useful to them.
Just ordered your book after the posts you made to a question I asked on the chassis setup board. I was on a business trip today and started reading it on the airplane from Columbus to Atlanta. I made it to page 59. This is by far the best explanation I have had on kart dynamics so far. ...this clicked with me.


Todd, Thanks for your help. The changes made the difference I needed- I was a bit loose on entry and added 1% cross and it was great. I won the heat and feature. Thanks again for your help, it is people like you who make this world a better place. God bless,

Jeffrey  Householder

...your book has been very helpful. Best money I've spent on racing yet!

Chris Wilburn

Got your book a week ago. Been doing some good reading. Thanks for having something that's easy to read and understand.

And later...
Thanks again for your help. Since I've read your book and you've answered some of my questions, he's had amazing results at three tracks now. He's got 6 wins and 2 seconds in 8 races. Thanks again for your help, and I hope you don't mind me asking you things.

Kevin Jacobson

Hey Todd, I have been in racing about a year and a half. My son races in Jr. Restricted Heavy (gold plate) and Lawrence Hedgepeth has rebuilt our flathead engines for us and I recently purchased an animal from him. I ask him how I could learn more, and he handed me your book. Man, I'm impressed. I thought you would be 65 or 70 years old with all the information that you have and when he told me he thought you were in your thirties I was surprised. Awesome book. With the information learned from you combined with a great engine builder and a son who has begun to put it all together, Jordan won the first race of his career last Saturday at Richlands.

Thank you again. Ron Davenport

How have you been? I have been reading your book and would like to say it is very in depth especially the tire section. Pretty impressive.

Kevin Sondgeroth

Just wanted to say what a great job you did with your book. Their was a few things that I had to read twice but, It is very accurate. Thank you,

Joey Bruning

Yours [book] is way better and a lot easier to understand and covers more.

John Cooper

I read your karting setup manual (Dynamics of Speed) and thought it was very informative.

Andy Harris (Andy’s Speed Shop, Greenville, NC)

Book is great. Helping to understand concepts. Thanks for all your help. It is nice to see someone interested in helping so many.


Oh and I think you're book is great, lots of help for a newbie!!! Thanks


Doug all I can say is thanks. This manual is the perfect winter project. I seem to have it in my hands every nite, just that it is real interesting material. Even the hard to understand pages has drawings to help. I believe this guy could rewrite manuals for installing garage doors and putting swing sets together. Now lets see if I can make it work for 2006.
 by ovalhead69 on BSR Forum     Clifford Henke ( Ovalhead 69 )
Hey Todd  Chris Godwin here, I wrote you a few days ago about my book order and just to let you no I received it two days ago and finished it tonight. I think I've learned more in two days of reading than i have in two years of racing. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and yes I will have to read it again to make sure I understand as much as possible. If you write another one just let me no. Thanks again Chris 
I bought your book a week before Christmas and it is the best!!!   Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

The Dynamics of Speed book is a must for any karter in my opinion.  The more racers know, the faster they will be.   Thanks again for an excellent book and for answering a few of my questions.