Every now and again I get the privilege of working with Harrill Wiggins on setup seminars.  We've collaborated at WKA's setup seminar in 2003 at Hickory, in 2005 at Hickory and Kansas City (giving the same presentation at both) and then in Hickory and Kansas City in 2006 where we gave two different seminars.  The 2003 seminar was about chassis' flex characteristics and how age and riding affect the chassis.  This seminar is mostly included in the 2006 seminar that we gave in Kansas and otherwise has never been made available.  The 2005 seminar was emailed out and can still be obtained if you desire a copy (email me).

Obviously there is much discussion that happened that isn't included in the presentations so if there are any questions let me know.  Most of the topics which are covered in the seminars are somewhere in the books.