Setup Help
If you've gotten to this website you probably know that I do a fair amount of setup work with people.  I've been very fortunate in that I get to work with people all over the country so that even though the conditions they run under aren't altogether like those I race under, I still have a good knowledgebase to work with.  If you need some help, feel free to email me and we'll get into it.  If you do email me, realize that I try my best to give accurate advice and in order to do that I need to understand your situation as accurately as possible.  Some of the things I have to figure out is how much bite your track is making, how your body works with this bite to load the chassis and then how your chassis handles these loads.  By understanding your class, track name, track length, chassis type, tire choice (manufacturer and compound), air pressures, typical prep program, setup numbers, and typical problems I can begin to get a very clear picture of the exact conditions under which you race which will allow us to get to a good setup for most any condition, especially if we go over it over a few race weekends.